Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium | Published on: May 19, 2015
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@nomadesk releases "nmd | HyperDrive 6.0", virtual appliance to create a secure private #cloud #EFSS-platform
Nomadesk, the provider of secure file sharing and synchronization solutions for business professionals, announces that nmd | HyperDrive 6.0 is now available for clients via trusted Nomadesk partners. The nmd | HyperDrive Virtual Appliance creates an EFSS-solution from an organization’s own data center, a.k.a. “private cloud“.
The latest nmd | HyperDrive release comes with embedded authentication and database services, and makes previous platform requirements for Microsoft Active Directory and SQL Server optional. The buffed installation wizard further simplifies the appliance installation.
All of this significantly increases deployment flexibility, while lowering implementation costs.

The rise of consumer mobility and "bring-your-own-device" initiatives in the enterprise has encouraged the adoption of – mostly free – cloud based file sharing services.  While most of them solve the basic synchronization and sharing demands, they embody a serious security and compliance threat for any organization.  After all, employees are uncontrollably sharing valuable and sensitive corporate data with third parties, or storing documents in the public cloud, unprotected from peering eyes – such as, and certainly not limited to, the NSA.

With nmd | HyperDrive, IT organizations can serve their own mobile workforce, that demands convenient access to data from any device, anywhere, in a controllable manner. At the same time, the virtual appliance architecture meets the criteria of IT professionals and executives by delivering a sophisticated on-premises alternative to any of the cloud based consumer services.  Now more than before, the virtual appliance presents flexible deployment options and server portability: nmd | HyperDrive is available for VMware ESX/Workstation, Microsoft HyperV and Citrix XenServer.

nmd | HyperDrive is priced as an annual subscription of € 43,20 or $ 54,- per user, per year (minima apply).

We have built nmd | HyperDrive on top of our time-tested public cloud solution, with the requirements for an on-premises enterprise-grade infrastructure in mind. Corporate data can be accessed through Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or any web browser. Native mobile apps enable users to consume data on their Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. We even integrate with Microsoft Outlook via a dedicated plugin. With nmd | HyperDrive, sharing data across your organization and with selected business partners becomes a straightforward, yet controllable and inexpensive reality.

— Kenny Clement, Product Development