Nomadesk Enterprise File Sharing & Synchronization Service Launches on the ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Nomadesk, a leading developer of business file sharing and synchronization software, expands global reach with new agreement with ALSO

Nomadesk, the provider of secure file sharing and synchronization solutions for business professionals, announces that its "software-as-a-service" (SaaS) is now available globally via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

The Nomadesk value to VARs, IT Service Providers and their clients:

The rise of consumer mobility and "bring your own device" (BYOD) initiatives in the enterprise has encouraged the adoption of – mostly free – cloud based file sharing services. While most of them solve the basic synchronization and sharing demands, they embody a serious security and compliance threat for any organization. After all, employees are uncontrollably sharing valuable and sensitive corporate data with third parties, or storing documents in the public cloud, unprotected from peering eyes. This creates plenty opportunities for VARs that want to assist clients who demand convenient access to data from any device anywhere, in a controllable and secure manner.

A bonus, Nomadesk features the Theftguard remote wipe capability to ensure that IT retains the ultimate control over corporate data – even on remote (personal) devices.

The ALSO Cloud Value to VARs and IT Service Providers:

Through the Cloud platform, ALSO connects service providers with resellers and lets them bundle appropriate cloud solutions for their customers. With only one or two clicks, resellers create their own marketplace and determine the services for their customers, set their selling prices, and submit an offer. The easy-to-use and intuitive standardized interface, combined with support in the respective national language, enables rapid entry into the cloud business.

About ALSO Cloud:

ALSO Cloud Oy belongs to ALSO Holding AG (Emmen/Switzerland). ALSO Nederland B.V. belongs to ALSO Holding AG (Emmen/Switzerland). ALSO brings providers and buyers of the ICT industry together. The company offers services at all levels of the ICT value chain from a single source. In the European B2B marketplace, ALSO bundles logistics services, financial services, supply services, solution services, digital services, and IT services together into individual service packages. ALSO's portfolio contains more than 160.000 articles from some 350 providers. The Group has around 3.400 employees throughout Europe. In fiscal year 2014 (closing on December 31), the company generated net sales of 7.2 billion euros. The majority shareholder of ALSO Holding AG is the Droege Group, Düsseldorf, Germany.

"Nomadesk was developed for distribution via VARs and Service Providers, and fits perfectly in a cloud marketplace offering. We are happy that ALSO has chosen to integrate our business file sharing and synchronization software into its marketplace. We know that ALSO has wasted no efforts in building a best-in-class cloud distribution platform and are 'bullish' about our collaboration." Filip Tack, co-founder and CEO of Nomadesk
About Nomadesk

Nomadesk is a cloud software for sharing and synchronizing digital documents, allowing foremost business users to edit, share, synchronize and secure files.

We are leading developers of cloud software for sharing and synchronizing digital documents, allowing foremost business users to edit, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline!

Our company maintains datacenter facilities in Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam) and USA (Asheville – NC) for our European and American customers, respectively.

Nomadesk mainly targets resellers, service providers and system integrators, who offer the Nomadesk solutions to their clients – usually under a proprietary name, or brand.

Nomadesk is part of UnifiedPost, an international BPaaS market leader in integrated document, payment and identity solutions.