Nomadesk launches unique Reseller and Affiliate Portal

Nomadesk’s unique cloud computing portal enables service providers to create “private label” cloud storage, file sharing and synchronization solutions.

Nomadesk announced today the commercial launch of its Reseller and Affiliate portal.  This unique online platform gives service providers the ability to sell customers world-class technology so they can access, share, synchronize and safeguard files from any location, whether online or offline.

With “household” and emerging brands capping pricing and reducing profitability for service providers, it has become more difficult for MSPs, ISPs and telcos to maintain a competitive edge and invest in the technology to market, sell and support SaaS services.  To make matters worse, new devices with locked-down business models (e.g., iPhone and iPad) make it increasingly risky to pursue a multi-platform application strategy; yet again end-customers do require this! The Nomadesk Reseller and Affiliate portal untangles the “deadlock” on behalf of the Managed Service Provider, ISP and operator.

The Nomadesk Reseller and Affiliate portal includes:

Complete branding possibility: The platform allows for a complete branding of the Nomadesk software, leveraging the Reseller’s brand equity.

Full customer ownership by the service provider: The Portal offers proprietary billing and invoicing capabilities, therefore ensuring full customer ownership by the service provider.  Thanks to the Nomadesk API, even more thoroughly integrated service offerings are supported.

Campaign tracking: To assist Resellers and Affiliates in their commercial efforts, the portal also includes a comprehensive campaign-tracking feature.

No operational hassle, strong SLA:  Nomadesk hosts the Nomadesk Reseller and Affiliate portal in its SAS 70 Type II and PCI certified datacenters, relieving the service provider from the operational hassle and costs associated with capacity planning.  However, where appropriate, deployments within the service provider’s datacenter are supported.

Protection of personal data: The Nomadesk hosting services are aligned with Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (

"“With the new reseller and affiliate portal we have created a true pay-as-you-grow platform that allows our partners to significantly extend their service offering, risk-free. We like to think of our portal as an equalizer in the SaaS arms race; at least where cloud storage, file sharing and multi-device synchronization is concerned. We are supported in our efforts by the fact that the portal already has gained the trust of some large European service providers.”" Darren Trumeter, CEO of Nomadesk
About Nomadesk

Nomadesk is a cloud software for sharing and synchronizing digital documents, allowing foremost business users to edit, share, synchronize and secure files.

We are leading developers of cloud software for sharing and synchronizing digital documents, allowing foremost business users to edit, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline!

Our company maintains datacenter facilities in Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam) and USA (Asheville – NC) for our European and American customers, respectively.

Nomadesk mainly targets resellers, service providers and system integrators, who offer the Nomadesk solutions to their clients – usually under a proprietary name, or brand.

Nomadesk is part of UnifiedPost, an international BPaaS market leader in integrated document, payment and identity solutions.